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The definition of oral literature would be literature or story telling that uses the spoken work or word of mouth. Oral literature has no transcription due to the language not being a written language. One example of this would be American Sign Language, or ASL. Another example of oral literature would be that of Native Americans. Oral literature or folk literature corresponds in the sphere of the spoken oral word to literature as literature operates in the domain of the written word. There is no standard definition as folklorists have varying descriptions for oral literature or folk literature but a broad conceptualization refers to it as literature characterized by oral transmission and the absence of any fixed form. Jan 22, 2017 · Oral poetry is poetry that is composed and transmitted without the aid of writing. The complex relationships between written and spoken literature in some societies can make this definition hard. Oral literature is a term generally applied to spoken literary traditions such as folk tales, musical theater, proverbs, riddles, life histories, plays, proverbs, epic poems and historical recitations. The term oral poetry may not fully capture the concept behind it, in view of the semantic difficulties conjured up by both individual words, oral and poetry. Still, the composite term oral poetry has a historical validity in that both Parry and Lord had used it to designate the overall concept that they were developing.

Oral-formulaic definition, noting or pertaining to poetry of an earlier spoken tradition, as the Iliad, that uses formulas to aid its continued expression. See more. This classic study is an introduction to “oral poetry,” a broad subject which Ruth Finnegan interprets as ranging from American folksongs, Eskimo lyrics, and modern popular songs to medieval oral literature, the heroic poems of Homer, and recent epic compositions in Asia and the Pacific. Narrative poetry evolved from this oral tradition. In nearly every part of the world, narrative poetry established a foundation for other literary forms. For example, among the highest achievements of ancient Greece are " The Iliad " and " The Odyssey," which have inspired artists and writers for more than 2,000 years. poetry has had a profound effect on the African poetic canon through the decades. Kofi Anyidoho. This paper attempts to study these two poets, their innovation in the use of language and oral poetic techniques, and their contributions to African poetry in terms of themes and techniques of presentation.

ABSTRACT "A lot has been said about the slow death of the oral tradition aspect of indigenous communication. The steady incursion of foreign media content and values which were once alien to Africans but are now being assimilated and exhibited. Oral Poetry and Ancient Greek Poetry: Broadening and Narrowing the Terms §1. The theory of oral poetry as set forth by Milman Parry and Albert Lord resists application to Archaic Greek poetry only if oral poetry is defined too narrowly by the opponents of the theory—and if the surviving poetry of Archaic Greece is treated too broadly as a. Sep 20, 2018 · Oral literature is a literary work that is passed on from word to mouth. It is the main way of circulation of folk literature. Its contents can include poetry and stories. Oral literature is an introduction to literature as opposed to written publ. Oral tradition definition is - the stories, beliefs, etc., that a group of people share by telling stories and talking to each other. the stories, beliefs, etc., that a group of.

the nature and function of oral literature Oral literature is the repository of the critical knowledge, philosophy, and wisdom for non-literate societies. This literature through narrative, poetry, song, dance, myths and fables, and texts for religious rituals provides a portrait of the meaning of life as experienced by the society at its.

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